[Zope-dev] INGRES R3 . If you plan to use Ingres please read this

sathya zope2 at zeomega.com
Tue Jan 11 12:34:05 EST 2005

Before putting Ingres R3 into production please make sure you can get 
support for it.
We went live on a major implementation using zope 2.7.3 ZEO  and Ingres 
R3 (int109) on RedHat AS 3.0  for a large customer (TPA with 200,000 lives)
It has been a nightmare. The memory leaks in the ingres Python DBI are 
just the beginning. We fixed a few and submitted patches
On the DB server
we see the following in the log file
Memory corruption errors

iowait hits 100 % and  system comes to a grinding stop.

It could be our code (which worked well on postgres) but I am  inclined 
to think its not  the main cause

We of course contacted CA for support  and spent 4 days to learn that 
they are just getting the system in  to take support calls and sell 
support on R3.
The last time we had an issue  with postgres a guy from command prompt  
inc logged  in within 30 minutes and fixed our problem.

Since Ingres Plone and APE have some things in common I thought I should 
post this on this forum. Your experience may be different  and
the above is just FYI . I hope things get better in the days ahead.


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