[Zope-dev] Extending SiteErrorLog

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Jan 12 15:10:05 EST 2005

Christian Theune wrote:

> Replying to myself ... :)
> See the branch "ctheune-extending_error_log". I checked my changes in.
> Any feedback is welcome. If no complaints come around, I'm going to put
> that on the trunk after a week.

Haven't had a look, but since it's related, I'll pipe up.

I'd love to see all the useful information shown in the error log be 
storable somewhere persistent, rather than just the rather puny 
copy-to-log functionality that currently exists. It sounds like you're 
making this happen by storing things on the file system, that so?

In any case, here's another idea: Make the storage of information to the 
log pluggable. One obvious way that I can see this is to have another 
python logger (say called error_log, rather than event) set up which 
gets the detailed info passed to the log entry format string (you'll 
need to write a custom Formatter to do this, but it's not hard, I have 
an example if you're interested).

Where and how these entries are logged is then configurable in Zope.conf 
(well, once this is fixed http://zope.org/Collectors/Zope/1613 )

Not sure I'm making much sense, am I?



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