[Zope-dev] ZopeChinaPak

Reilly, Joseph M Joseph.Reilly at ca.com
Thu Jan 20 12:03:36 EST 2005

Hi Pan,
	Is the ZopeChinaPak safe to install on English systems? The
reason I'm asking is that we package base Plone in a commercial product
called BrightStor Document Manager(BDM) and we intend to sell BDM in
China as well as the rest of the world. It would be easier for the BDM
installer to always install the ZopeChinaPak regardless of whether we
are installing on an English or Chinese OS. 
	Otherwise we will need to ask the User if they intend to run BDM
on a Chinese OS(or detect that it is a Chinese OS) and install the Pak
only then. 
	My co-worker Varun has done some initial testing with the Pak on
an English system and it seems to run fine. He will look at the code but
I wanted to get your opinion. 
	Moreover, thanks for creating the ZopeChinaPak, we can certainly
use it.
	Best Regards,

Joseph Reilly 
Computer Associates 
Director, Development
tel: +1 631 342-2731 
cell phone: +1 516 642-6385
joseph.reilly at ca.com 

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