[Zope-dev] FYI: test.py changes rolled back

Florent Guillaume fg at nuxeo.com
Mon Jan 24 11:51:03 EST 2005

Sorry, I expected to fix before the final 2.7.4 but couldn't find time.
Thanks for reverting it.


Stefan H. Holek <stefan at epy.co.at> wrote:
> I have restored test.py to the version shipping with Zope 2.7.3. The 
> changes made to accommodate Florent's use-case (adjacent symlinks) 
> broke some of mine. In particular, without calling realpath (or 
> abspath) on libdir, trailing slashes caused no tests to be found, as 
> did some combinations of '.' and '..'. [1]
> I am confident we can find a way to solve this, but wanted to avoid 
> releasing a "challenged" test runner with Zope 2.7.4.
> Florent, in the meantime I am hoping you can run your tests by using a 
> combination of --libdir and --dir flags. Sorry for the inconvenience.
> Stefan
> [1] The real issue in PathInit IMO is the return value of os.getcwd(), 
> which is realpath'd one some systems and abspath'd on others...

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