[Zope-dev] January Bug Day Roundup

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 06:06:49 EST 2005

Hi All,

Well, it was certainly a quiet one. Both Andreas and myself were busy 
and things felt very quiet indeed... One 3 issues resolved, but lots of 
work done by Tres on some nasties.

Special mention must go to brentmh/Crouton who was brave enough to try 
and solve a bug in dtml's sequence stuff:


Brave man!

Anyway, looks like not-having-it-on-a-Friday was major flop, even the 
one person who always asks for it not to be on a Friday wasn't there, so 
we'll see you all again, last Friday of February!



PS: Here's the lowdown:


  #533 - ZMI "find" doesnt find in File with text
#1469 - win32 install 2.7.2 XP SP1
#1648 - bug with medusa FTP


#1331 - Most Frequently used product selection
#1418 - Hotfix for TAL issue has no version check


#1422 - AssertionError after installing Zope Hotfix Release, 2004/07/13
#1485 - Re-ocurrence of Hotfix_2002-03-01/security_alert
#1555 - more flexible logger config (duplicate)
#1578 - Mounting a non-folder object fails
#1670 - No log out button in Zope

..and here's the "player stats" :-)

          Resolved  Assists  Wontfix Rejected Deferred
shh             1
ajung           1
chrisw          1        1        1        5
tseaver                  3
Tiran                             1
Crouton                  1

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