[Zope-dev] Is there an alternative to zdaemon?

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Sat Dec 23 00:15:52 EST 2006

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- --On 22. Dezember 2006 15:55:48 -0500 Jim Fulton <jim at zope.com> wrote:
> It has 2 major disadvantages:
> - It is ours. :)  We are bearing the burden of maintaining it.
>    This is offset by the fact that it hasn't required much maintenance.

..which is actually a sign of "it-just-works".

> - It is largely undocumented. This makes it much harder to use than it
>    needs to be.  It also makes it under appreciated.  I made a start at
>    fixing this yesterday:
>      http://svn.zope.org/zdaemon/trunk/src/zdaemon/README.txt?view=auto
>   It isn't very hard to use, so documenting it isn't really all that hard.

...which is almost True for a lot of parts of the Zope 2 core  :-)

> I wonder if we should be using some other daemon manager.  Arguably,
> there's
> no reason for the Zope project to maintain one if something is available
> that does what we need.

I think (meanwhile) that this is not enough to justify the replacement of a 
component. Replacing a Zope 2 component always caused some pain. So as a 
rule for replacing something in the Zope 2 core we consider those rules:

 - the replacement solves  existing functional problems

 - it adds major functional benefits

 - no issues with backward compatibility, well tested etc.

For the Zope 2 core we must be very careful about changing stuff. Stability
and backward compatibility are much, much more important for the end-user 
than satisfying our replace-all-with-something-better drive :-)

Don't get me wrong but we've done some minor mistakes with replacing stuff 
in the past  and because of that I became a bit conservative about changing 
things. Of course I am only speaking for the Zope 2 core.


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