[Zope-dev] [ZPT/Zope 2.10] Unicode fixes backported

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Thu Dec 28 14:43:34 EST 2006

Andreas Jung schrieb:
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> Hi,
> as mentioned in an earlier I was working on several encoding and webdav
> issues related to the Zope 3 ZPT integration in Zope 2.10. I backported
> the changes to the 2.10 branch.
> The changes include an in-place migration of all ZopePageTemplate instances 
> to unicode (through a custom __setstate__() implemenetation). The migration 
> code tries to sniff the encoding (it knows about ISO-8859-15 and UTF-8). A 
> custom "preferred" encoding can be specified through the environment 

You should rather use config param default-zpublisher-encoding as a 
default, maybe with a fallback to (hopefully once obsolete)

> I know that this migration is a big hammer (for a minor release) however I 
> have not found another solution to deal with the outstanding issues in a 
> reasonable and sane way. Therefore this migration must be tested. I am 
> thinking about a beta release for 2.10.2 in order to get the stuff tested
> (I am also aware of the fact that most people don't test betas :-))

The sniffing could work however. Maybe we should have some warnings
printed on console during zope start? Or even a "configureme" parameter
which stopps zopes start when there is a non empty storage to migrate?


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