[Zope-dev] Re: [z3-five] RFC: The future of Products.Five

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Wed Nov 1 07:11:22 EST 2006

Andreas Jung wrote:
>> Andreas Jung wrote:
>>> What are our benefits from a Z2 Eggification. Eggification is basically
>>> about packaging and distribution of components with little dependencies
>>> in order to re-use them in other contexts. However most components of
>>> Zope 2 are heavily dependent on others.
>> Yes, that's true. But eggs don't necessarily have to have few
>> dependencies ;). Eggs just have well-defined dependencies. And like Whit
>> said, there might be a desire to have certain Zope 2 components have a
>> faster life cycle than others, e.g. ZopeTestCase in Whit's case.
> Yeah, it would make sense for particular components but not for all 
> components just for the sake of eggs.

Well, it may be that we decide to embrace eggs for our packaging story, 
at least in Zope 3 (as a replacement for zpkg). At that point we should 
ask ourselves if it wouldn't be a good idea to do the same for Zope 2. 
In Zope 2, eggs could really help with the add-on story (as a more 
general replacement for Products).

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