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zpforums.net Admin admin at zpforums.net
Fri Nov 3 14:30:17 EST 2006

Hi all

New website is up on the air and running at beta version for the next 2

The website is forums for Zope and Plone and will be the bridge between
Zope/Plone users and developers and will close the gap between mailing
lists, irc and internet search.

In the next few days the home page will be Plone site with all information
about the registration process, membership information and other general

In order to prevent spam we may charge very very small amount of money in
order to be able and make sure that all the users (Zope/Plone admins and
developers) will use the website for that target it is.

The forums will be very simple to use without any graphics or jumping ads.

Direct links to the forums:



We open to any ideas for the website or new forums, so please feel free to
contact me

Ofer Weisglass

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