[Zope-dev] Re: Installer for Windows (quick question)

Christian Steinhauer steinhauer at know-it.net
Fri Nov 10 04:41:26 EST 2006

It´s very nice to hear that you take care of the windows builds. It would be nice to get an little description how to build an WZope, which tools are needed. So we can take a look how difficult it is to build an WZope.

My windows zope configuration would be

some applications use tinytables which is not supported in new zope versions. So my solution is in thinking of versions, not in instances. 

I dont like the "program folder" (in germany called Programme) because on an Windows Server there is not so much services on the computer - so an exclusive c:\zope is the best ;) 

I dont need an "service installer" but i know many windows administrators that would ask me - "why did this product doesnt run as service" "stupid open source software" or somethink like that ... i like the zope window on the desktop, nice debugging ;) 

greetings & many thanks for taking care of the windows builds, 

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