[Zope-dev] How can I tell if an object in a ZODB is being activated? Concerns zope.app.module.importer.

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Fri Aug 3 20:12:13 EDT 2007

I'm working on zope.app.module.ZopePersistentModuleImporter.  As noted
in zodbcode.module.PersistentModuleImporter.__doc__, if the persistent
module registry which is consulted on import queries a persistent site
manager then the site manager must be activated before being queried or
a circular import problem occurs when the ZODB attempts to import the
globals necessary to activate the site manager.

The site manager will, however, eventually be deactivated, by a
transaction.abort() for example.  So I'm looking for a way that the
importer can know whether or now it's being called as a part of
activating the site manager.  I've written (and attached diffs for) a
very ugly function that inspects the frame stack to detect if the site
manager is being activated just to demonstrate what I'm looking for.

Is there a way to ask an object if it's being activated?  Or what might
be a better approach to solving this problem?


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