[Zope-dev] Moving the Zope 2 bugtracker to Launchpad

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Mon Aug 13 03:11:44 EDT 2007

--On 13. August 2007 08:53:01 +0200 Jens Vagelpohl <jens at dataflake.org> 

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> On 13 Aug 2007, at 08:04, Andreas Jung wrote:
>>>> to make it short: I propose to move the Zope 2 bugtracker to
>>>> Launchpad. Since the Zope 3 bugtracker works already with success
>>>> on LP
>>>> we should follow with the Zope 2 bugtracker. Objections?
>>> One could also move the CMF bugtracker to LP at the same time.
>>> Then only
>>> the APE and the PAS trackers would remain. The PAS tracker is already
>>> empty and the APE tracker is also pretty much obsolete and
>>> contains only
>>> a few items.
>> And there is also the zope.org website tracker which could be
>> migrated.
>> The guys from Canonical suggested also to migrate all these trackers
>> in one run.
> Slow down...  speaking for the CMF and PAS collectors:
> I'm -0.5 on both since I actively use them and I have no experience at
> all with Launchpad. The other responsible people sit on the CMF list so
> you or I need to ask them there.

Right. You have to decide of course yourself.

But it would be nice for having one bugtracking system with one user base 
in one place. The UI of the collectors on plone.org just sucks - I am not 
talking of developers but of people submitting bugs. Launchpad just 
provides a clean UI for this purpose.


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