[Zope-dev] Options replacing DateTime with datetime!?

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Sun Aug 26 14:31:13 EDT 2007

--On 26. August 2007 20:00:35 +0200 Dieter Maurer <dieter at handshake.de> 

> Andreas Jung wrote at 2007-8-25 17:47 +0200:
>> ... emulate "DateTime" (implicitely) by "datatime" ...
>> Before digging deeper I would like to hear some opinions if this seems a
>> reasonable approach? Unlikely that we can achieve 100% backward
>> compatibility but possibly 99%....thoughts...comments?
> I would prefer a more explicit approach :-)
>   Make Python's "datatime" available in addition to "DateTime" and
>   provide conversion functions between the two.

Conversion between both is pretty much trivial. However I have no idea
how this would solve the DateTime problem. So what are our DateTime 

 - an insane constructor with a parser trying to parse almost every
   date format in the world (with lots of guessing and dealing
   with ambiguousness)

 - an insane timezone handling

 - DateTime is doing way too much

However after this weekend I have the feeling that this is an 
mission-impossible project.

> The lots of problems related to "DateTime" show that date handling is
> difficult. These difficulties make it not unlikely that the proposed
> emulation will have difficulties, too.

I would not care about some incompatibilities if people have the chance
using the old version somehow (e.g. through a DT egg).


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