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Leonardo Rochael Almeida leorochael at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 19:51:46 UTC 2012

Zope4 Lille Sprint 2012 Report

The first thing we did was discuss the state of contributions to the
Zope codebase, specially in light of many vocal members of the
community that would like to use GitHub (and other members, less
numerous but equally vocal, who would not like to use GitHub at all,
but still want to use Git).

Jens started investigating the options and will report to the Foundation board.

Then we started reviewing the current state of various existing
branches that try to advance the state of Zope trunk. Laurence rebased
some previously existing "parent pointers" work onto the current Zope
trunk, and Leonardo worked on restoring a minimal "Welcome" page on a
just installed Zope instance that would not involve adding more
persistent objects.

We then took stock of what work is already done or is sufficiently
advanced that we could reasonably expect to be ready soon:

 - WSGI as the only publisher, moving transaction handling back into
it (i.e. a pure Zope4 wsgi app without any other middleware should be
"complete"). This will likely be folded back into Zope 2.13.

 - Parent pointers - need to specify a minimum migration strategy,
which should not require modifying all objects in your instance
(mostly for objects looked up by C.A.: local site manager,

 - Lots of stuff removed already

 - Decide on egg name (Zope2 currently, ideally it should be Zope)

 - ZMI tidy up (not removal, for this release).

 - WebOb based request

 - Remove Session and TemporaryFolder.

Nice to have (i.e. if we have manpower to develop):

 - Use Chameleon and drop old ZPT implementation, but only if Plone
has shipped with it by then (to be sure incompatibilities are fixed.)

 - Don't use docstrings to control publishing.

The expectation is to be able to release a Zope4 alpha by the end of the year.

Next sprint will be at the Plone Conference in Arnhem, focussing on
WSGI and merging branches.

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