[Zope-dev] Buildout performance improvements

Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Wed May 22 15:58:12 UTC 2013

Op 22 mei 2013, om 14:51 heeft Sylvain Viollon het volgende geschreven:

> Hello,


>   Few years ago I made a branch of buildout:
> http://svn.zope.org/zc.buildout/branches/sylvain-distribution-cache/
>   That creates a cache during the installation of the dependencies preventing
> buildout to recompute this an exponential number of times.
>   The relevant changes can be summarized here (please ignore the Jython changes,
> I don't know why they were removed):
> http://svn.zope.org/zc.buildout/branches/sylvain-distribution-cache/src/zc/buildout/easy_install.py?rev=95445&r1=95404&r2=95445
>    I didn't advertise my changes because of the following facts:
>   - it didn't support multiple working_set using different versions of the same egg,
>     which was possible at the time,
>   - it didn't support multiple versions of Python, which was possible at the time,
>   - it didn't seems to integrate well with the direction that was taking zc.buildout 1.5.
>   I now use zc.buildout 2 and in its README it actually agree with all those facts,
> so I am basically asking, do you think and/or want me propose a patch to
> zc.buildout 2 on github, with this global download_cache integrated ?
>   I realize that a global cache sucks, but given the code base, it is difficult not
> making it global.

   I made a fork of buildout on github with an even better implementation:


   Feedback is welcome and if you want me to press the push request, please

   On the Silva buildout, rerunning buildout without changing anything goes
from 63.81s to 33.75s (most of the time is now mr.developer).



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t +31 10 243 7051 -- http://infrae.com
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