[Zope-dev] Use of python3 compatibility packages six vs. futurize

Martin Häcker mh at sntl-publishing.com
Tue Oct 4 11:29:17 CEST 2016

Hi python3-porters,

At the Ressurection-Sprint in Halle, I learned that most of python 3
porting in zope is done using six <http://pythonhosted.org/six/>.

I've stuck to it during the work there, as it seemed to be the standard
that other zope packages have adopted.

But since futurize <http://python-future.org> offers a much more
comprehensible implementation of the 2to3 Script and seems to be better
maintained - I'd like to use it instead. Especially because it promises
to make porting to py3 while maintaining py2 compatibility easier and
faster. Any good reasons (besides consistency) not to use it? Is there
some sort of consensus on this topic that has been reached before?

Best Regards,
Martin Häcker

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