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Philip Bauer bauer at starzel.de
Sun Oct 23 20:37:02 CEST 2016

Greetings from the Plone-Conference in Boston! The Plone-community loves the fact that the development of Zope has picked up again. A couple of Plone-people including me will be at pycon.de in Munich where we'd like to discuss the future steps regarding the development of Zope. We agree that it would be great to have a roadmap for Zope4 and discuss how it ties in with the roadmap of Plone.

At the ploneconf-sprint in Boston we worked on getting Plone 5.1 (master) to run using the newest sources of Zope4 and ZTK. We already worked on this in February and got all the test to run. Currently we're working on making Plone compatible with the changes you did during the resurrection-sprint. We had to add some packages (like ZServer) and adapt to other changes (e.g. removed Globals package). We got as far as actually starting the Zope-instance and adding some items (no Plone-instance yet). ONce that is done we'll have to deal with the changes in zope.testbrowser and fix tests. It is work in progress and we'll not get there before we have to leave. I'll be at the sprint in Munich and would appreciate any help with getting Plone to run on master.

One of our main concerns is how to keep track of ongoing changes and which effect they have on Plone and then doing the work of keeping up with changes. Keeping Plone running when Zope changes will be beneficial to both.

There is a buildout that currently pulls in all sources from github: https://github.com/plone/buildout.coredev/blob/5.1/plip-zope4.cfg. We have a jenkins runner for that at http://jenkins.plone.org/view/PLIPs/job/plip-zope4/ that builds this on demand. We also have a jenkins-job for Zope4 on python 2.7: http://jenkins.plone.org/view/Zope/job/zope-27/

Some other things:
- We use the ZServer for now. We will look at the cost/benefit of switching to wsgi once Plone actually works on Zope4.
- We will still need most of the ZMI for now since some functionality used by admins is not yet exposed in Plone (e.g. portal_catalog). We usually do not expose the ZMI it to the internet (at least not without a ssh-tunnel).
- We have no stake in grok

Hope to meet you in Munich :-)


Philip Bauer
Nymphenburger Straße 187
80634 München
Tel: 089 - 189 29 533
bauer at starzel.de

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