[Zope-dev] winbot status

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed Aug 2 03:53:59 CEST 2017

Rackspace's very generous support of the Zope Foundation over many years
is coming to an end this year.  I am soliciting advice from the Zope
developer community on how to manage that transition.

We have made use of the platform in two ways:

Continuous Integration

We have been running periodic tests on the 'winbot' host, allowing us to
mainain a very high level of Windows compatibilty for the Foundation's

However, keeping the tests up and running has become increasingly
difficult, due to the limited access to the machine and the small group of
developers with both time and know-how to administer it.  At this point,
the tests have been failing routinely since at least April, and pretty
much nobody has a clue how to fix them.

Building Windows Binaries

We have used winbot to automate building eggs and Windows installers for
Foundation-created packages, and uploading them to PyPI.

With the ascendancy of the newer wheel format, the both formats are
becoming much less broadly useful:  'pip' ignores them, and the newest
Python version (3.3) for which we build them sunsets at the end of
September this year.


- Without a continuing 100% subsidy, we *must* turn the box of by the
  end of the year.
- The machine is in a fragile/b0rken state right now
- Rather than dragging out the inevitable, I recommend we just
  decommission the machine ASAP.  AFAIK, it contains no data we care
  about, except for encrypted PyPI credentials for the
  'zope.wineggbuilder' account:  we should remove them before shutting
  the machine down..


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