[Zope-dev] zope-tests - FAILED: 24

Michael Howitz icemac at gmx.net
Mon May 8 11:36:09 CEST 2017

Am 08.05.2017 um 01:00 schrieb Zope tests summarizer <noreply at zope.org>:
> This is the summary for test reports received on the
> zope-tests list between 2017-05-06 00:00:00 UTC and 2017-05-07 00:00:00 UTC:
> See the footnotes for test reports of unsuccessful builds.
> An up-to date view of the builders is also available in our
> buildbot documentation:
> http://docs.zope.org/zopetoolkit/process/buildbots.html#the-nightly-builds

Who runs and maintains the service producing these mails?
(The header says that they are set by a host named hetzner04.zopefoundation.org.)

Context: On the Zope 2 Resurrection Sprint we had the idea it could be used to collect mails from Travis-CI, too.
As Travis-CI has now a cron feature and the tests of some packages are already run there on a weekly basis.

I’d volunteer to update the processing script to be able to process Travis-CI mails, too.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Michael Howitz

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