[Zope-dev] ANN: First beta of ClickTracker product released

Petru Paler ppetru@coltronix.com
Sun, 1 Nov 2020 20:15:54 +0200

       Hi all,

   I just wanted to let you know that I uploaded a development version of
the ClickTracker product. You can get it at
   The README file:

       ClickTracker clickthrough logging system

   This product logs clickthroughs to foreign (or local) URLs in a SQL database.
The data gathered with it is useful to generate reports about where your site's
visitors go.

   Untar and ungzip the archive into you Zope directory and restart Zope. Make
sure that a database connection is available and that a table with the following
structure exists:
CREATE TABLE clickthrough_log (
        local_url    varchar(255) not null,
        foreign_url  varchar(255) not null,
	entry_date   date,
   Add a ClickTracker using Zope's management screens (the predefined id is 'r').
After that convert the HREFs you want to monitor after the following model:
    href="http://www.foo.com" -> href="r?t=http://www.foo.com"
Description of the SQL schema:
    local_url contains the full local URL (ex: http://www.myzopeserver.com/links/directories)
    foreign_url contains the full foreign URL that the user clicked (ex: http://www.yahoo.com)
    entry_date contains the date when the clickthrough was logged

    The SQL method uses the now() function which (I think) is MySQL-specific.
Does anyone know a database-independent way to get the current time ?

    - it should be possible to change the logging table name
    - report generation

Contact ppetru@coltronix.com for suggestions, bug reports, complains and patches :)