[Zope-PAS] RFC: PAS caching

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sat Oct 9 05:07:04 EDT 2004

On Oct 8, 2004, at 19:53, Willi Langenberger wrote:

> According to Jens Vagelpohl:
>> Basically, I am proposing an architecture that works a little bit like
>> ZCacheable in that you instantiate cache managers and associate 
>> objects
>> (in this case plugins) with them. Obviously there are only a few 
>> plugin
>> types where it makes sense to cache anything. Since the "cacheable"
>> plugins have varying interfaces there would be specific cache manager
>> objects for each of them, and only the appropriate plugin can be
>> associated with them.
> The disadvantage of this approach is, that PAS has to call each of the
> registered plugins. But i dont know how much performance this costs.
> The advantage could be, that a newly activated plugin _will_ be
> called.

That's the specific reason I prefer caching at the plugin level, 
because otherwise the plugins must know about/talk to the PAS instance 
itself to invalidate cached items (e.g. when a user has been edited). 
Anything at the PAS level has the potential to introduce some unclean 
circular interaction between PAS and the plugins. Seems dirty to me, 
but it would be much easier to implement ;)


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