[Zope-PAS] RFC: PAS caching

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sat Oct 9 05:12:09 EDT 2004

> Why isn't caching an implementation detail of the plugins?  Why do we 
> need
> a more general caching infrastructure within PAS?  In fact, plugins 
> that
> wanted to could use the existing Zope cache infrastructure.

I wanted to keep the implementation as independent as possible from the 
actual plugins. The goal is to enable any plugin for which caching 
makes sense to easily participate in the caching machinery without too 
much code change.

> Note that, based on discussions with Tres re caching, the Zope 3 PAS 
> apis
> specifically allow for caching of principals by principal factories. 
> This
> is why it is the responsibility of the cache factory to generate
> principal-created events.  A cache factory might cache principal 
> instances
> and only generates principal-created events when it needs to compute a 
> new
> principal.

Right now I'm only thinking about Zope 2 (this is a for-pay project for 
Zope 2), so I have not looked at the Zope 3 counterpart at all...  it 
would be legitimate in a way to say that "if you want to do this for 
Zope 2 you *must* make sure it is interoperable for Zope 3 purposes", 
but I don't know if I can force that extra time and cost on the 


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