[Zope-PAS] Groups added twice to user?

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sat Oct 16 03:47:26 EDT 2004

I'm working on the caching stuff and trying to dig from PAS.validate 
down I'm noticing a couple things in PAS._findUser:

- On line 864 a call to self._getGroupsForPrincipal retrieves groups 
for that principal. On line 866 the retrieved groups are stuck onto the 
user object. Problem: They are already stuck onto the user inside 
PAS._getGroupsForPrincipal, line 802

- The groups retrieval in PAS._findUser and the immediately following 
role retrieval as well as the preceding properties retrieval are 
inconsistent in that one of them calls a helper method while the others 
(the role retrieval and the properties retrieval) are done right inside 
_findUser. That's just a cosmetic niggle.



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