[Zope-PAS] Re: cosmetics...

Willi Langenberger wlang at wu-wien.ac.at
Mon Sep 27 19:32:25 EDT 2004

According to Willi Langenberger:
> If anybody cares, here is a cosmetic patch [...]

Another one:

  $ cd PluggableAuthService

  $ cvs status version.txt 
  File: version.txt       Status: Up-to-date

     Working revision:    1.2
     Repository revision: 1.2     /cvs-repository/Products/PluggableAuthService/version.txt,v
     Sticky Tag:          (none)
     Sticky Date:         (none)
     Sticky Options:      (none)

  $ cat version.txt 
  1.0.1 (unreleased)

1.0.2 is released already.


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