[Zope-PAS] Need help with PAS with CMF, CookieCrumbler

Rob Boyd boydrobh at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 10:44:58 EDT 2006

I'm converting a CMF site that uses LDAP authentication to enable
authentication from a user's certificate (smart card). I wrote an authN
and credentials plugin that works when used against protected content
like a folder, that is not a CMF site. It does not work on a CMF site
(always directed to login screen).

I need help on how to incorporate it with CMF and its CookieCrumbler.
The use case is: user visits CMF site where membership is required, the
user's cert is read, compared to the LDAP directory, if the user is
found, they are authenticated. There is no challenge seen by the user.
If the user doesn't have a smart card, authentication fails over to an
LDAPMultiPlugin, which would present the user with a login screen for
entering username/password.

When I set up my plugin as primary auth handler, a _ZopeId session
cookie is issued. I want instead to use the CMF's cookie and session
mechanisms. BTW, I am not using Plone, so PlonePAS is out.

Thanks for any help.

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