[Zope-PAS] mutable property sheets

Clemens Robbenhaar robbenhaar at espresto.com
Thu Apr 20 09:16:04 EDT 2006

Hi Jens,

 > >  Usually I am not fond of magic either, but from an user point of
 > > view ("user" = someone who might write ZODB Python scripts using  
 > > PAS or
 > > the like) I am used to have all changes to objects saved magically, so
 > > why not user properties?
 > This is true - if this were a normal persistent object. But that is  
 > only true with a few user folder implementations, like the bog- 
 > standard Zope user folder.
 > For most user folder implementations the user object cannot counted  
 > as being persistent because it is assembled on the fly using data  
 > from external sources (RDBMS, LDAP, etc). It gets used once (or a few  
 > times if it bis cached internally for speeed) and then thrown away.
 > Basically, the expectation you mention is unrealistic for most user  
 > folders out there.
 Ok, got the point. As I said, I have been arguing from some (dummy?)
end-user perspective. I guess other users can figure out that user
objects are normally not the same as persistent objects, too.
 If I put a developer hat on, I feel an explicit "saveProperties" call
or something like that is better, too - so sorry for the noise I created.

Cheers anyway,

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