[Zope-PAS] PropertiedUser role checking

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Fri Apr 21 04:26:49 EDT 2006

(I can't find any link to the issue tracker at
http://www.zope.org/Products/PluggableAuthService so I'll just post this

looking at the allowed method for PropertiedUser there are a few
possible return values:

  1 - one of the allowed roles is allowed
  0 - object is outside the acquisition context of the user, so abort
      further checks
  None - none of the allowed roles is found

then handling of 0 versus None seems confused: when checking for roles
None is returned if the object is outside the acquisition context, but
when checking local roles 0 is returned. Shouldn't 0 be returned in both


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