[ZWeb] Re: [Zope-dev] package descriptions

Michael Bernstein webmaven@lvcm.com
Fri, 07 Jul 2000 14:48:35 -0700

ethan mindlace fremen wrote:
> Michael Bernstein wrote:
> > Please change the page so both the title and the description
> > have the same background color, but that the color is
> > alternated between grey and white for odd and even Products.
> Ok, well, I've given that a try.  Some people think I should do it some
> other way.  If you feel strongly about it, email zope-web@zope.org

Thanks, that's a *lot* more legible (I do feel strongly
about it). What other ways are people asking for?

> It also shows the most recently edited products first, and sorting by
> anything or requesting more Member products hides all Digital Creations
> stuff.

Yeah, that's pretty slick. It occurs to me that the same
layout should be used for the How-To's page.

> More Products work is on the way in the medium-term future.
> I would still really appreciate it if people would change their products
> page so that the first line is a plain text summary of their product.  I
> have HTML quoted everything, which makes the formatting better, but some
> descriptions are still less than usefull.

Perhaps a 'short_description' property could be added to the
Product, and it would default to 'first line' only if that
property was blank.

> Thanks for your help,

You're welcome.

Michael Bernstein.