[ZWeb] Re: www.zope.org checkout version?

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 12:26:21 -0400

Ken Manheimer wrote:

> I may well be mistaken - i may even have been looking in the wrong
> directory - but it looks like the checkout for the site's
> SOFTWARE_HOME - /usr/local/dc/zope_soft -> /usr/local/dc/Zope2 - is a
> checkout of the trunk.  I'd expect that you'd want to checkout the
> Zope-2_2-branch, or whatever the 2.2 release is called...

I can't believe how braindead I was.  I didn't reset the symlink

Only now is zope.org "really" running on the zope.org final.

sigh.  This may not fix the problem you were having, though- I haven't
been able to cut& paste wikis for some time (or formatted text, for that
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