[ZWeb] Re: Zope is Evil is back.

Ken Seehof Ken Seehof" <kseehof@neuralintegrator.com
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 17:22:48 -0700

Titus Brown <t@chabry.caltech.edu> wrote (to python-list@python.org):

> Hi all,
> due to popular demand, I've reinstated my "Zope Is Evil", a.k.a.
> "Zope as a particularly frustrating section of adventure", page at
> http://zope-is-evil-666.idyll.org/
> Enjoy!
> cheers,
> --titus
> PS if you can't take a joke, or, on the other hand, think it's completely
> joke, this page is not for you.
> --
> Titus Brown, titus@caltech.edu

I feel your pain.

The Zope people are apparently working on their documentation.

Their biggest problem seems to be a lack of audience awareness,
(the ability to see what they are writing from the point of view of the
intended audience).  They could learn a lot from the http://www.alice.org/
people, particularly their user-oriented testing methodology in which they
watch helplessly as newbies fumble trying to get started.

If a newbie doesn't understand it immediately, it's a bug.

I recommend just running the tutorial.  The secret door to the tutorial
room can be unlocked as follows:

1. Go to your .../manage page.
2. Read the secret scroll labeled "Select type to add..."
3. At the very bottom of the scroll is a level 1 spell: "Zope Tutorial"
4. Entone the spell, and follow where it leads.

Also, there is a small depression in the rock in the upper right corner
of nearly every room with an inscription "Help!".  Being a hero, you
must push on the depression.  A magic scroll will appear in front of
you.  Reading the scroll gives a +2 bonus to Wisdom.

Having done this, I have crossed over from seeing Zope as powerful,
mysterious, and impossible to fathom.  I now see Zope as a pretty neat,
powerful, easy to use tool.  I also feel smug now.  :-)

Here's my first real Zope result after running the tutorial: a shameless
plug to my resume :-)  I'm still working on the content, so check again


- Ken Seehof