[ZWeb] Re: [Zope] Distinguishing between ZC and the community

Michael R. Bernstein webmaven@lvcm.com
06 Aug 2001 15:22:17 -0700

On 06 Aug 2001 19:48:25 +0200, Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Michael R. Bernstein writes:
>  > Some distiction needs to be made between the two entities. The separate
>  > domain names work so far as they go, but separate logos are needed too,
>  > in my opinion.
> Do you really believe in logos?
> I do not and therefore would not mind when the logos remain
> the same.

Well, that depends on what you mean by 'believe in logos'.

If you mean do I neccessarily do I automatically assume that an entity
is reputable because they have a logo, then the answer is no.

I do however, view logos as a convenient visual shorthand to signify a
brand, and if I trust that brand (based on my past experiences) then
that trust does spill over to the visual representation itself. This is
what logos are *supposed* to do.

Any brand, however, can be undermined by a cynical misapplication of the
logo. That is why the most powerful and trusted brands police the use of
their marks so diligently.

Most importantly, I beleive based on my experience that logos are used
as this sort of visual 'memory hook' by most people, whether hackers,
Dilberts or PHBs.

Therefore, Zope corporation must guard it's own brand (as well as the
communities) by maintaining the distinction between the community and
the company.

Michael Bernstein.