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Donald Braman donald.braman@yale.edu
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 10:17:04 -0400

Sounds like it will be great! Too bad about Ethan, it seems like he was
doing a lot of good work. Welcome to Martijn! I think the approach you have
is the right one; obviously better to start of well than with a mess. I
think we all want to see it no only because we want zope.org to be great,
but because we want to see CMF in action.

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We'll be picking it back up shortly.  For those that don't know, Ethan
Fremen has left us to focus on some other things, so we've had a short
period of time where we've had to transfer his efforts to others.

Chris McDonough has kindly volunteered to shepherd Zope News, and he's
looking for people to chip in.  He's planning to change the style to be
more like the Python-URL report.

On related matters, Martijn Pieters is now in the U.S. and has been
integrated into Tres' CMF team.  Martijn is the point of contact on the
team for zope.org matters.  The team, primarily Jens, is finishing up
the migration of zope.org to CMF.

Let me give a quick report on this project.  It's going pretty well.
Jens has worked very hard on the migration aspects of this.  Our goal is
to do the extra work to make sure there is as little disruption as
possible.  When this is done, zope.org will change from a bunch of
zclasses and external methods that nobody here at ZC will confess to,
into a solid CMF site with little custom software.  This will also
provide the foundation for others to participate, but also for new
services to become available more quickly.

I'm also eager for the transition, as there are a thousand content
organization issues.  By far the biggest: why is it so hard to find
documentation?  CMF, and future CMF features like rating, will give us
a more sustainable basis for tackling this.

Hope this helps...


Tim Keating wrote:
> How about "Zope on a Rope?"
> Sorry, couldn't resist.
> :-)
> On Tuesday, August 14, 2001, at 11:09 , Donald Braman wrote:
>> I think it would look better to have the weekly news named something
>> else,
>> like "Zope Notes", or "Of Interest", or even just "Zope News".
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