[ZWeb] Yours in despiration/zope mailing list

Ben Edwards ben@videonetwork.org
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 12:15:15 GMT

If this message gets through some of my faith ing the zope mailing lists will
be restored.  Exited by zope I tried to subscribe to the zope general mailing
list (zope@zope.org).  

The first 3 times I tried to subscribe it said I was going to get a message
to authenticate registration but nothing happened.

The next 2 times I got the message to authenticate registration  but when I
hit reply (I am using Eudora) I got a message back saying the mail address does
not exist.

sixth time lick I thought, I subscribed, authenticate registration and got a
welcome message.

I then sent a couple of messages to the list, that was 24 hours ago and I have
received any messages from the list (Preference to get messages I send is set
to ON).

I also looked in the archive on zope.org and can not find the message and the
link to the egroups searchable archive points to an archive where the messages
subject all starts with [zope-dev], I assume this is the zope development list.

I also tried to have a look at www.zdp.org but although the domain has been
registered there does not seem to be a site up yet.

Help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to take part in the zope
community, but am wondering if the zope community wants me -:).

I posted this to the web list cos I assume the mailing lists full under its

Yours looking forward to participating,