[ZWeb] Yours in despiration/zope mailing list

tav tav" <tavlists@espnow.com
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 11:43:31 -0000

>>>>> BE == "Ben Edwards" <ben@videonetwork.org> writes:

    BE> If this message gets through some of my
    BE> faith in the zope mailing lists will be restored.

zope@zope.org is still down atm, it will be back up soon i am

    BE> Help would be greatly appreciated as I really
    BE> want to take part in the zope community, but
    BE> am wondering if the zope community wants
    BE> me -:).

we want you ben....  just bear with us while things are sorted.

i have been on the lists for over a year, and things have been
well managed, just a slight bad patch.

welcome aboard btw.

best regards, tav