[ZWeb] Zope Startup Proposal

Ken Manheimer klm@digicool.com
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:43:18 -0500 (EST)

>From the proposal:

  With advanced configuration options like ZEO client/server and ability
  to separate site instance files from a (shared) core software home, Zope
  can be run in several useful operational modes. These modes present
  crucial flexibility to the site manager, including the ability to
  implement easy site load-balancing and failover, on-the-fly debugging,
  and instantaneous migration across software updates, if its clear to the
  site manager how to use these modes.  

  I propose packaging zope startup to make it easy to understand and use
  both basic and advanced configurations. I will put forward the details
  of an existing mechanism we're informally using, internally, in order to
  try to capture the considerations that we see needing to be addressed.

For the rest, see:


Note that i'm putting the proposal forward in the hopes that it will find
a home - i will not have time or mandate to work on it further, and i'm
not sure its other primary author, evan, will have time, either. In order
to try to harvest whatever wisdom there *is* in zctl.py, and prompt an
effort to make something that fills it's niche *right*, i put together a
proposal in the fishbowl that basically says all this, including filling
in details about zctl.py and it's configuration file, zope.conf.

(One handy thing about the proposal is that it may provide enough info
about zctl.py - including the code - to help people use it, as it stands,
in lieu of a more complete solution.)

Ken Manheimer