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Patrick Lewis plewis@inetarena.com
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:14:45 -0800

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 11:55:14PM +0100, Erik Enge wrote:
> [Patrick Lewis]
> | Unfortunately, I don't know when it broke, but it could have been
> | quite a while ago.
> I actually think that problem was there when I tried to post a job
> back in November/December.  I sent a message with the =ABFeeback to the
> Author=BB-link.

I apologize.  This is where I say "I never received your email" and you
roll your eyes and go "Yeah, whatever".  It was brought to my attention
that it wasn't working a couple of weeks ago, and I am trying to fix it
now.  Mea culpa.

> =20
> | (I am attaching the full traceback, just in case).
> You are?  I certainly can't see it.  :)

But I really think I did attach it.  It is showing up in the archives at

On a somewhat related topic, I see that manage_addDTMLDocument is
not in the "real" API, but that manage_addDocument is.  So, I am
trying to replace the method, but on saving I get:

You are not authorized to change new_posting_add because you do not have
proxy roles.

I'm the owner, so I am a little stumped.  The full traceback:

You are not authorized to change <em>new_posting_add</em> because you do
not have proxy roles.
<!--plewis, ('Contributor',)-->

Traceback (innermost last):
  File /usr/local/base/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line
222, in publish_module
  File /usr/local/base/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line
187, in publish
  File /usr/local/base/zope_soft/lib/python/Zope/__init__.py, line 221, i=
    (Object: new_posting_add)
  File /usr/local/base/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line
171, in publish
  File /usr/local/base/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/mapply.py, line
160, in mapply
    (Object: manage_edit)
  File /usr/local/base/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line
112, in call_object
    (Object: manage_edit)
  File /usr/local/Zope230-branch/lib/python/OFS/DTMLMethod.py, line 304,
in manage_edit
    (Object: new_posting_add)
  File /usr/local/Zope230-branch/lib/python/OFS/DTMLMethod.py, line 342,
in _validateProxy
    (Object: new_posting_add)
Forbidden: (see above)


Patrick Lewis <plewis@inetarena.com>