[ZWeb] The Collector at <URL:http://classics.zope.org:8080/Collector>

Paul Everitt paul@digicool.com
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 13:10:42 -0500

Erik Enge wrote:

> Hi.
> I was wondering, why is classics,zope.org:8080 still operating?  Why
> not move the stuff over to www.zope.org, I don't know about the rest
> of you, but it confuses me.

Oh hahaha, you're going to love the explanation.  Here goes.

The Collector is based on an old product we had called Tabula.  The 
Tabula product was for Zope1, not Zope2.  And since we don't care 
about Tabula anymore, we don't have plans to port it.

Instead, we hoped to migrate all the issues out of the Collector 
and into a Tracker.  Which, of course, we haven't found the time 
to do either.

We have a word here for this kind of situation -- "sigh". :^(