[ZWeb] Starting out...

Eric Criens Eric.Criens@bece.nl
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 10:02:28 +0200

Hello dear all,
I would like to give my opinion about Zope.
This weekend after a long time I had to hardscript (with BBEdit) a website
and I wished I had the ability to make templates in Zope. I think the future
of web building is with Contact Management Systems. However I think for Zope
to grow and be succesful you will have to make it eassier to implement (also
documentation and samples) for html scripters. 
I for a fact am able to script html - new scripters go for WYSIWYG softwares
like Dreamweaver and GoLive - but I already think Zope is hard for me (so
maybe I'm stupid).
You guys do a great job programming but we have to use it..... please help
with good documentation and samples and how-to's.

Thank you very much and keep up the great work you all do... we (I) do
appreciate it.

Eric Criens