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Fri, 30 Nov 2001 18:41:52 +0000

First, metazope looked great, and would be a really good basis for the
look and feel, IMO.  What other work did you folks do apart from the

Second, what process have zope.org and metazope followed?  Are there
any assets we should all be reading - requirements, architecture,

I'm a big fan of high ceremony project processes, personally.  Would
it be a good idea to settle on a process first (unless it's already
been done)?  Here's my ideal process: 

 - 1. Define roles
 - 2. Requirements: aims of site, audience, success criteria
 - 3. Functional spec: use cases, etc
 - 4. Information Architecture: resolve conflicts of information
      requirements, prioritise content, site map...
 - 5. Technical Architecture: class diagrams, risks...
 - 6. Design brief
 - 7. Build
 - 8. Test

I believe that without this kind of ceremony, we'll end up with
piecemeal results at best.  We need to schedule the limited amount of
time people have available.  Well that's what I think anyway.  I'm
sure we'll never come to an agreement on it though ;-)


* Paul Everitt <paul@zope.com> [011130 17:36]:
> Two points:
> 1) Is it possible to merge Metazope and zope.org, combining the 
> leadership from both efforts?
> 2) As for scripting, if we did (1) and the new leadership agreed (and 
> moreover, would do the sysadmin to support it), then I'll accede to 
> their wishes.  As long as the commitment was there to support the 
> decision (otherwise it's a hit-and-run and were left holding the bag).
> --Paul
> Casey Duncan wrote:
> >Ok, I'm here. 
> >
> >A couple of months ago a bunch of us conspired to create "our own" zope.org 
> >
> >type site, which was coined metazope. Unfortunately, none of us were really 
> >
> >content people (we were malcontent people 8^), so we had a great site (due 
> >largely to the help of some wonderful community members other than myself, 
> >I just struck the match) but it has died pretty much due to lack of time. 
> >Beside the fact that right after the site went up, I did a cross-country 
> >family move and changed jobs, launched a site that I get paid to do (with 
> >Zope of course) and all that good stuff, but i digress.
> >
> >The point is that I would love to see zope.org grow and improve. It is a 
> >massive site, and as such, is a natural showcase for why Zope is the great 
> >system that it is.
> >
> >Although moving the site to the CMF is a natural move, I share some of the 
> >regrets that "scripting for the rest of us" on zope.org will die off. Damn, 
> >
> >no more inifinite loops on my member home page 8^)!  I would like to say 
> >that I would support zope.org as a site of, for and by the community (ZC 
> >being part of the community naturally). So that would imply that we all get 
> >off our duffs and pitch in to this thing.
> >
> >I'll leave my ideas about specific things I would like for later messages, 
> >but to start I would like to request that ZC, like with the Zope core CVS, 
> >would "open" the development of zope.org to the community. As a commitless 
> >commiter on the other side of things (zope-coders), I would say that you'll 
> >
> >probably get more from me right now on zope.org then the zope core just 
> >because that's where my head is at presently. Tomorrow, well that's another 
> >
> >story.
> >
> >So, what needs to be done to light this candle?
> >
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