[ZWeb] getting it done

alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@runyaga.com
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 13:38:57 -0600


I just need a itemized list of things to do.  I can dedicate 10 hours/week.
But I want the other people to understand that we should all very
comfortable enough with hassling each other.  Prodding people is sometimes
the only way to make things go-go-go.

I would imagine if you put a 'zope.org interface contest' up.  we could get
DESIGNERS starting to send mockups in -- very important first step, IMHO.
Designers need to be a part of this.  Plone is not me, it really is Alex
Limi aka dracvl, I'm merely the person who makes things happen.  I am really
good about taking all the credit ;)

I would be more than happy to donate (i'm sure alex is also for it) Plone.
I would also like to spend my time working on Plone -- since it directly
benefits me.  Alex is the design guru -- I'm the key punching monkey.  I am
trying to get beta-testers now.  I only have 1 signed up.  more will come.

* Plone being installed, is no problem.  I will help maintain it.

* I personally would like to see a Message Board system (i proposed AKM's
Squib product) being used, as well as comments attached to content in CMF.
Message Board Sysetms are nice and centralized -- a traditional paradigm
(gasp! 8)  Squib uses RDBMS.

* I also think Package Management is another great idea.  Again AKM has a
PackageManager product that is under development.  he is looking for

* maybe whatever we setup we can co-ordinate beta-testers.  it seems that
important projects suffer from exposure and proper beta-testing feedback to
authors.  On a whole I think ZOPE community has naming problems (Zopelabs
should be The Zope Cookbook, Squib should be Zope Forums, ZBabel should be
anything but the word Babel, a terrible marketing word).

Give me a shell and a ZOPE I will install Plone.  Where to next hoss?