[ZWeb] getting it done

Adrian Hungate adrian@haqa.co.uk
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 21:53:23 -0000

As far as PackageManagement, you could take a look at my PatchKit
http://www.zope.org/Members/haqa/PatchKit - Version 4.2.0 or newer (4.3.0
will contain a couple of minor fixes to this patch).

As far as the importance of scripting to the common or garden Zope product
authors, like me, without the ability to run one of the scripts in my Zope
folder, this patch will stop working. How will anyone elses Package Managers
get new/updated product details?


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> Hi.
> I just need a itemized list of things to do.  I can dedicate 10
> But I want the other people to understand that we should all very
> comfortable enough with hassling each other.  Prodding people is sometimes
> the only way to make things go-go-go.
> I would imagine if you put a 'zope.org interface contest' up.  we could
> DESIGNERS starting to send mockups in -- very important first step, IMHO.
> Designers need to be a part of this.  Plone is not me, it really is Alex
> Limi aka dracvl, I'm merely the person who makes things happen.  I am
> good about taking all the credit ;)
> I would be more than happy to donate (i'm sure alex is also for it) Plone.
> I would also like to spend my time working on Plone -- since it directly
> benefits me.  Alex is the design guru -- I'm the key punching monkey.  I
> trying to get beta-testers now.  I only have 1 signed up.  more will come.
> * Plone being installed, is no problem.  I will help maintain it.
> * I personally would like to see a Message Board system (i proposed AKM's
> Squib product) being used, as well as comments attached to content in CMF.
> Message Board Sysetms are nice and centralized -- a traditional paradigm
> (gasp! 8)  Squib uses RDBMS.
> * I also think Package Management is another great idea.  Again AKM has a
> PackageManager product that is under development.  he is looking for
> beta-testers.
> * maybe whatever we setup we can co-ordinate beta-testers.  it seems that
> important projects suffer from exposure and proper beta-testing feedback
> authors.  On a whole I think ZOPE community has naming problems (Zopelabs
> should be The Zope Cookbook, Squib should be Zope Forums, ZBabel should be
> anything but the word Babel, a terrible marketing word).
> Give me a shell and a ZOPE I will install Plone.  Where to next hoss?
> ~runyaga
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