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Carsten (via www.zope.org) carsten.siedentopf@digital-spirit.de
Tue, 27 Aug 2002 06:45:09 -0400


please change the css for the online version of the zope book. It will end up unreadable (some chapters already are).
I am new to zope, tried to read the Introduction etc.
I ended up reading all the comments first, just because they caught my eyes much more than the basic text. It was hard to actively ignore them.

My suggestions:
comments should have less visual contrast than the main text. They are comments, not the "core information".

- no background color, as it disrupts the reading flow
- textcolor should be dark grey or blue-grey (less contrast than main text)
- the typeface shouldn't be "bolder" than the main typeface
- a border just on the left or right, not all around. Or no border at all
- don't use a yellow image for the comment link. It absorbs attention. A grey text link on the bottom right of every paragraph would do the job well.

These are just suggestions, but they really would increase the readability of the zope book online. 

Greetings, Carsten

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