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Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Tue, 27 Aug 2002 09:33:57 -0400

Did you try the COM OFF button at the top of the page to turn the
comments off?

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> hi,
> please change the css for the online version of the zope book. It
will end up unreadable (some chapters already are).
> I am new to zope, tried to read the Introduction etc.
> I ended up reading all the comments first, just because they
caught my eyes much more than the basic text. It was hard to
actively ignore them.
> My suggestions:
> comments should have less visual contrast than the main text. They
are comments, not the "core information".
> - no background color, as it disrupts the reading flow
> - textcolor should be dark grey or blue-grey (less contrast than
main text)
> - the typeface shouldn't be "bolder" than the main typeface
> - a border just on the left or right, not all around. Or no border
at all
> - don't use a yellow image for the comment link. It absorbs
attention. A grey text link on the bottom right of every paragraph
would do the job well.
> These are just suggestions, but they really would increase the
readability of the zope book online.
> Greetings, Carsten
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