[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback: I need your help!

artman (via www.zope.org) telltruth99@hotmail.com
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 22:54:33 -0400

What I can say is that the 'Zope' is so great!!
as soon as i touched it, I knew that was it that for it I'd been looking for a long time.  
I finished my first web site coming out of 'Zope'. when i uploaded my files(more than 200MB each) to my site from local disk(the sever's on the same machine), during uploading, about 120MB or more were transfered, the server told me that one error occured.
here's the message:
ERROR(200) ZServer uncaptured python exception, closing channel <ZServer.medusa.ftp_server.recv_channel connected at 0x1b6009c> (exceptions.MemoryError:out of memory [E:\ArtmanHome\ZServer\medusa\asyncore.py|poll|94] [E:\ArtmanHome\ZServer\medusa\asyncore.py|handle_read_event|391] [E:\ArtmanHome\ZServer\medusa\ftp_server.py|handle_read|937] [E:\ArtmanHome\ZServer\FTPServer.py|write|538])

I got into the files above, I could't understand what's wrong with them...

would you do me a favor?


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