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Hubert Muller (via www.zope.org) hubert@hubertmuller.info
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 05:35:49 -0400


Why variables defined in <dtml-let></dtml-let> are not visible under ZSQL method invoked from <dtml-let> scope

<dtml-let a=b>
<dtml-call insertSQL>

Why a is not visible in insertSQL ZSQL-method ?

I've tested Zope http server with typical dtmlmethod document and 50request threads per 1second. And Zope is about 6 times slower than ASP/IIS and 8 times slower than PHP/Apache on this same machine. Where is speed problem ? in Python ?

Im interested in commercial use of Zope.
Why Zope has so weak documentation?


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