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Hello Godefroid,

In english the word "company" can mean many things as the included 
description from http://www.m-w.com
Main Entry: 1com·pa·ny
Pronunciation: 'k&mp-nE, 'k&m-p&-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -nies
Usage: often attributive
Etymology:        Middle English companie, from Old French compagnie, 
from compain companion, from Late Latin companio
Date:        13th century
1 a :association with another :FELLOWSHIP <enjoy a person's company > 
b:COMPANIONS, ASSOCIATES <know a person by the company she keeps> 
c:VISITORS ,GUESTS <having company for dinner>
2 a :a group of persons or things  <a company of horsemen> b:a body of 
soldiers; especially :a unit (as of infantry) consisting usually of a 
headquarters and two or more platoons c:an organization of performing 
artists d:the officers and crew of a ship e:a fire-fighting unit
3 a :a chartered commercial organization or medieval trade guild b:an 
association of persons for carrying on a commercial or industrial 
enterprise c:those members of a partnership firm whose names do not 
appear in the firm name  <John Doe and Company >

But if you are confused likely others are as well -- so the writers of 
this statement might take into consideration
that international readers associate company automatically with a 
"commercial organization."

Hope that helps,


On Sunday, Nov 9, 2003, at 11:09 Europe/Berlin, Godefroid Chapelle 

> Hi all,
> just to say I am surprised by the phrasing :
> """We are sharing the spotlight with some pretty excellent company 
> including: KDE, OpenOffice, GIMP and Gnome"""
> I don't like the polemic but I think none of those is a company !
> I am afraid this lapse (lapsus linguae) shows that some people 
> maintaining the site confuse the Zope project with the Zope company !
> -- 
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