[ZWeb] Re: [Zope] Problem with software release on Zope.org

Kevin Gill kevin at movieextras.ie
Mon Nov 24 11:38:27 EST 2003

Rechenberg, Andrew wrote:

> I have a Software Package on my Zope.org member site and for some reason
> it will not allow anonymous users to access the URL.  It prompts users
> to login.  I have every part of the Package, as well as my Member folder
> in the published state and is still prompts anonymous users.
> The URL is http://zope.org/Members/djflux/ADSGroupsFolder

I have the same problem on my Software release. I see that you found a 
solution. What was it ?

The URL is  http://zope.org/Members/kevingill2/ZTxnQueue


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