[ZWeb] Re: [Zope] Problem with software release on Zope.org

Kevin Gill kevin at movieextras.ie
Thu Nov 27 11:19:30 EST 2003

Thanks for publishing them Dorneles

> the problem is that a software package list all software
> releases inside it, getting some of its properties...
> So, you have to make sure all releases have at least the
> 'visible' state, otherwise you will be forced to loggon.
> I have published your private releases, now it's available
> to everyone... ;-)

I suppose the question then becomes, how do I delete a release? I made these 
'private', because these releases are superceded. However, the software 
release folder didn't have a delete option. I think that the software release 
file did.

(I don't want to experiment to make sure because I will create more folders 
that I can't get rid or )



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