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Jeevan jeevan at zahav.net.il
Sun Jun 6 19:50:28 EDT 2004

I have a suggestion for Zope, mainly for the ZFloatMenu product
but.. I just can't find the most appropriate email address for this in
your site, I'd thought I write it here and maybe it will reach the right
person, eventualy.
I want to build an application that will use the ZFloatMenu product to
create dynamic menu, but I face a major
The 'title' field, of which the final rendered text of the menu bar is
based on, cannot accept hebrew characters.
What I want to suggest is to simply add an additional 'content'
attribute for the menus that will 'take-over' and replace the title text
in the menu rendered. Of course it should be of a ustring (not that I
understand too much about it) type to enable input of characters in a
different language. 
That in fact will make the product available for non-english content
Thank you very much
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