[ZWeb] Any progress at EuroPython? State of Zope.org

Rob Page rob.page at zope.com
Fri Jun 25 13:59:22 EDT 2004

Hi Mark:

On Jun 19, 2004, at 8:56 AM, Mark wrote:
 > Did any of you meet at EuroPython to discuss
 > Zope.org?  If yes, what was discussed/agreed upon.

[Email list wrestling has delayed this response.  My

Yes, Chris and Heimo were kind enough to create an
opportunity to have an open discussion about zope.org.
We discussed the need to make it easy to participate
and how we might balance that with manageability.

 > I'm particularly concerned about the Documentation
 > Page on Zope.org as I expressed in my May 28th
 > posting that page gives me the creeps. Don't want to
 > rehash my posting but I think it is a real shame to
 > point to old/outdated documentation.
 > The learning curve is steep enough let's let people
 > know that up-to-date resources like ZopeWiki and the
 > SuperGuide to Newbies exist.

The disussion at EuroPython focused on how to get
people involved  - not specific tasks or target
enhancements.  In other words, we didn't discuss docs
per se but zope.org in general.

That said, participating in the zope.org effort
includes systems, software AND content.

To that end...

Toward the bottom of the page at:


is a table describing how you can get involved in
helping with zope.org.  Specifically, item 4a points to
a click-through/email agreement and an NDA.  This page
describes when each is needed.

We're going to hold an IRC to discuss zope.org and
develop a plan of action and generally get things
moving.  The IRC session will be as follows:


      (a) People that are interested in volunteering on
           zope.org, and

      (b) People that have volunteered to help on
          zope.org by completing the mailback form
          and/or non-disclosure agreement.


      IRC Session


      Thursday, July 1, 2004, 11a (US/EDT, GMT-5)


      irc.freenode.net    #zope-org


      1) Review how to get involved, answer questions
         from people about getting involved.

           (10 minutes, Rob Page)

      2) Discuss organization ideas about how to

         - ease of involvement
         - avoiding chaos
         - preserving order

           (15 minutes, Rob Page)

      3) Summary of current setup

         - hardware, software, monitoring, remediation

           (15 minutes, Brian Lloyd)

      4) Discuss next steps, action items

         (15 minutes, Jim Fulton)

*** Important Note: This IRC session does *NOT* affect
                     or replace the community-wide IRC
                     session that is scheduled for Tue,
                     Jul 13 at 7a (US/eastern).



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